Contractor B2B

Software Architect and Developer

full stack developer web & desktop applications
test & deployment automation


Address: Cracow, Poland


Phone: (+48) 514 489 864

Citizenship: Polish, EU citizenship

Rate: 200 PLN / h + VAT

Open to new contract: One month notice

Longevity preference: long





I am a versatile software developer with ten years of commercial experience. Starting from the most recent, I have worked in the smart home industry developing web, desktop and backend applications. Further in the past I have acquired expertise in the niche of diagnostic systems, in particular within the marine and mining industry, implementing extensive multithreaded client-server systems and dashboard applications. Earlier, for a number of years, I was working in the oil and gas industry mainly for a field data analytics software provider, building desktop applications. I received valuable exposure to computer aided modelling (CAM) while specializing in the building information modelling (BIM) software sector and to geographic information systems (GIS) while working for a geodesy company. As an individual I am a keen problem-solver, with an eagerness to learn more and to stand out. Mastered skills starting from writing secure quality code, documenting and reviewing requirements, end-to-end testing, support and winding-up with interviewing candidates.


October 2022 - present

Senior Software Developer at London Stock Exchange via Luxoft

Fully Remote, Residence in Poland




Benefit skills in developing client-server applications, providing the means of intercommunication employing a plethora of protocols.




Key skills:

Self-Host ASP.NET, TCP/Networking, Python, Robot Framework, C#, .NET Core, .NET 6, Windows Subsystem For Linux



July 2017 October 2022

50% Software Engineer and 50% Software Architect at ASSA ABLOY, Swedish and German clients

Cracow, Poland



Committed to deliver AWS hosted solutions. Benefit skills in developing client-server applications, providing the means of intercommunication employing a plethora of protocols. Implementing AWS to VMWare ESXI integration using PowerCLI PWSH. Orchestrating environments on AWS with Terraform and Terragrunt. Developing a responsive WPF desktop application.

Key skills:

AWS, WPF, SQL Server 2017, ASP.NET Web API, Nancy, REST, WCF, Swagger, WebSockets, SignalR, WebUSB, TypeScript, FlaUI, CD/CI, GIT, Python, VMware ESXi API, WPF, MVC/OWIN/ASP.CORE





December 2014 June 2017

Senior Software Engineer at ABB,

Norwegian and Swiss clients

Cracow, Poland


I continuously developed software installed on ferries, oil tankers and offshore platforms in order to accumulate and process equipment readings. This real-time software has been present on the market since 2005 and from the beginning has been built on the .NET platform. My job was to make sure our software is fast, stable and secure in terms of communication. I was also responsible for maintaining and implementing connection to the Azure cloud. For most of the time in the company I was delivering a dashboard UI for ship operators that monitors all the devices, heavily using WPF.

My daily work focused on achieving goals in two-week sprints with the help of Team Foundation Server. As part of a Scrum process, I act as a deputy of the Scrum Master by leading sprint review and planning. I am responsible for interviews and candidate selection. I oversaw a shipping of a product worth tens of millions of Euros delivered with the gate-model not only by performing code reviews but also executing user acceptance tests and managing a testing team in India. I stick to techniques to deliver quality software based on various automated tests ranging from unit tests to automated tests in virtual machines (which runs inside an engine of my idea) triggered by every code check-in.


Key skills:

Scrum, TFS, WPF, MVVM, Rx, REST, PowerShell, Pester, FluentAssertions, build & deployment automation, WCF, SQL Server, C++, Test Manager, Ms Tests


Nov 2012

Nov 2014

Software Developer at HRH Geology

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


Obtained sound experience in creating complex 2D graphics drawing software massively using WPF and accompanying libraries. In addition, I enhanced its usability by taking part in inventing and implementing a scripting engine embedded into the solution utilizing DLR and Iron Python.


Worked in an Agile team running stand-ups every day. As our repository we used Mercurial and for quality checks we used code reviews, static code analyzes, Review Board and continuously writing unit tests, built automatically within CruiseControl.NET.

Developed software targeting oil and gas field data visualization as a part of a bigger application suite. Appointed to maintain and convert software from MFC to .NET platform used since 1990's.


Key skills:

Agile, CruiseControl.NET, Mercurial, WPF, MVVM, DLR, Iron Python, NUnit, 2D graphic, NSubstitute, Moq, C++



June Nov 2012

Software Developer at Schematic Ltd.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


A fixed-term contract involved developing a range of in-house and marketed products. Started from building a web application for managing digitalized CAD models mainly by using LAMP software bundle. Refined tools around a centralized database with use of .NET stack and MS SQL Server.

My skills excelled by taking part in implementation of an UI automation engine. However, for most of the time with company I focused on creating CAD editor (Java) integrated within Google SketchUp. I designed and implemented this integration layer with Ruby, .NET and WPF. Data exchange over the aforementioned software and mentioned in the beginning LAMP solution was accelerated by myself via employing WCF and SOAP.


Key skills:

WPF, CAD, SQL Server, SketchUp API, LAMP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, Ruby, Java, WSDL, SVN, Qt Creator, NetBeans, Eclipse, Silverlight


May 2009

May 2012

Software Developer at Krameko

Cracow, Poland


As a trainee gained hands-on user experience in using GIS software (ESRI products, MapInfo) in the first month then continued to work as a designer of GIS applications.

Developed a number of standalone GIS applications for processing vector and raster graphics in connectivity with geospatial and relational databases extended to presentation and reporting, either standalone or as extensions to bigger market software leaders like ArcGis. Some of the tools relied on native ESRI products formats (ArcGis, MapInfo), whereas some on MS Access or MySQL or SQL Server.


Completed a program for obfuscating .NET assemblies in addition to hardware protection and licensing/trial capability.


Key skills:

WPF, WinForms, computer graphics, GIS, MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, SVN, LINQ, ArcGIS, TatukGIS, Delphi, Eclipse


Aug Sep 2007

Internship Web Developer at Marshal Office of the Lesser Poland Province

Cracow, Poland


Worked on an HR management system - a web application with a centralized database of project planning.

Key skills:

Single-page application (SPA), Ajax, ASMX, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server, ASP.NET, C#





2009 - 2011

Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering) at Jagiellonian University (est.1364)

Cracow, Poland


Full-time program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The degree attained by defending a thesis that focuses on a topic from computational topology (Vietoris-Rips Complex) applied in an implementation supporting ad-hoc sensor networks and point cloud data analysis (C++, Boost) with edge detection algorithms.


2005 - 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Business at National-Louis University

Chicago, Illinois, United States


The faculty of the College of Management and Business.


2005 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a Specialization in Software Engineering at WSB-NLU

Nowy Sacz, Poland


Full-time program at the Faculty of Computer Science.

The degree attained by defending a thesis that describes an animation editor developed as part of the work. The 3D animation editor (inspired by Adobe Premier and 3ds Max) supports animation of 3D objects in space on a timeline (C#, WinForms, Ogre3D).