Langdoku Platform

Langdoku is more than just a tool. It is a scalable platform accessible wherever, at any time.


You can learn for free. Use Community knowledge or create your own lessons sharing them with others.

Freedom of Choice

Platform integrates with Chrome to enable you to select content from any web site you want. You could still enter data manually but who wastes time this way today when all you need exists in internet. If you wanted you could still work with books - with your phone camera sync it up to Langdoku Cloud for further processing. In a minute get it in the pocket.

Feel motivated

When you have Windows 10 you will be guided by Cortana to get the best results. She will sence how advanced you are and adopt knowledge to your level enabling effective learning. You will feel motivated, progressing and informed.

Know your progress

Your school teacher can organize your learning paths or you could be a teacher too. Divide your knowledge into schools, classes, levels and lessons and sequences. By anonymously comparing results you will know how you are doing.

Old and New

Langdoku integrates with Quizlet, Cram and Anki. You can use them or export and import lessens to Langdoku Cloud. You can still learn with flashcards, games and learning tools.

Try Langdoku

Langdoku enables pupils, students and independent learners to absorbe knowledge by gradually testing their skills. Diametrically changing the way people collect, test, mentain and use their knowledge base.